Tractor Trailer Rentals

A tractor trailer, also called a semi trailer, is a large trailer that is pulled by a tractor. They are generally used for hauling very large amounts of cargo over a significant distance. However, they have a variety of uses and can be rented by individuals or businesses. The following information will help you make the right choices when renting a tractor trailer.

Reasons for renting a tractor trailer

There are hundreds of different reasons for renting a semi trailer. You may need to transport office equipment and documents or the inventory of an entire shop can in one easy step. Perhaps you want to ship bulky, unwieldy inventory over a great distance but maintain no truck for the purpose. Or you may need to move a large household of furniture over a long distance. For these type of transport needs, it can make tremendous economic sense to rent by the day, week or month instead of owning and maintaining this type of vehicle.

Semi trailer options

The trucks can be selected with options including swing doors, side doors, roll doors, winches and lift-gates. You can also choose to rent optional extras such as mechanical lifting devices, trailer ramps, tie down ropes, packing boxes and other materials. You can choose to rent a day cab or sleeper unit, and will have access to emergency break-down service. One-way tractor trailer rentals may also be available depending on your location.

Making a booking

It is easy to arrange for a booking online or by phone if you know the exact date you will need the trailer. You should make your arrangements as soon as you are certain not only in insure availability but also to find the best deal on rental options. This type of rental vehicle is not usually readily available so it makes sense to make an advanced booking. If you are traveling some distance, you may want to consider a one-way rental. Although these may be more expensive, the time you save may make cheap tractor trailer rentals one-way your best option. A little research will quickly find if there is a convenient drop-off point at your new location.

A tractor trailer rental provides a cheap and practical way to transport large amounts of cargo. They come with a variety of optional extras that you can add to your rental contract. They can be rented from many of the larger companies, but an advance booking is always recommended.